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Mitsubishi UFJ Takahashi and Hiroshi Visited Optical Holography

Published on: 2022-07-11    123 Reading olume

        On July 11, Changgaoqiao and Hong, Shenzhen Branch of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (China) Co., Ltd., and Chen Jing, Senior Manager of Shenzhen Branch of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (China) Co., Ltd., together with two people, visited Optical Holography and were warmly received by Guo Binggang, General Manager of Optical Holography and Cai Yanqing, Deputy General Manager of Optical Holography.


        After Mr. Guo led the visiting guests to visit several representative photon screen products on display at the company's site, the two sides conducted further friendly exchanges in the company's conference room. President Guo briefly introduced the company's development history and future planning to the visiting guests, and won unanimous praise from the guests.


        President Takahashi and Hongfen said that Mitsubishi UFJ is the largest bank in Japan and also a global bank; Shenzhen Branch was opened in 1986, and its business scope covers Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Fujian Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and other southern regions. It carries out comprehensive banking business centered on Japanese funded enterprises, and its customers also include Taiwan funded, Hong Kong funded, Korean funded, Chinese funded enterprises, etc. As a national innovative city and "China's Silicon Valley", Shenzhen has also attracted many senior executives of large Japanese enterprises to come to investigate in recent years to explore opportunities for cooperation with Shenzhen's science and technology enterprises. Japanese enterprises in Shenzhen also have the need to develop new products and improve customer satisfaction with the help of Shenzhen's advanced technology. We learned that Optics Holography is a company that has the world's leading core technology of photonic crystal materials and independent intellectual property rights to develop and produce photonic crystal optical films. Most of its products have been adopted by Japanese funded enterprises, and Dr. Guo, the founder of your company, has been engaged in research at the University of Tokyo and Fujitsu in Japan. With the help of this trip, after understanding your company's products, application scenarios and future development direction, we hope to take this opportunity to establish contact with your company, increase mutual trust and understanding, and bridge the gap between your company and Japanese technology companies.


        Dr. Guo expressed his sincere thanks and warm welcome, and hoped to take this opportunity to establish friendly relations with Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (China) Co., Ltd., and establish contacts and cooperative relations with more Japanese technology enterprises through Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, so as to open up a wider market.